Health Record Management

Our Health Record Management Service lets you store all your family’s medical data online which can be accessed by you at any given time. Now no need to carry your family’s medical record. Our vault lets you store the medical history in secure way.

Globally, patients and their families prefer home care over traditional health care because of the multiple benefits it provides.Home care offers substantial flexibility to...

Cost Effective
Quick Recovery
Personalized Care
Total Rehabilitation
Holistic Approach

What is Health Record Management ?

Store the medical history of your family online. You can access the medical report of your family members even when you live away from them. Particularly useful for NRIs and immigrants with parents staying in India. Health Record Management is complimentary for our members.

Why Choose Us?

A reliable stop for ultimate care of your family

Easy Accessibility
Secure Records
No need to carry hard copies
Useful for getting extra consultation