• What does Helpathomes do?

    Helpathomes is an integrated platform catering to needs of people who stay away from their native place or people who are very busy. We provide assistance in the field of Healthcare, Daily Needs, Community Engagement and Property Management. Apart from these we offer customized service plan as per the needs of members. We have created a network of professional organizations to ensure that our members get prompt and immediate attention.

  • Will services be provided by Helpathomes?

    We provide services through our extensive network. The service provider is chosen based on the client needs.

  • Do I need to become a member to avail the services?

    You don’t need to become a member to avail a particular service. You may avail the service without becoming a member. But by becoming a member you can enjoy the beenfit of our whole range of services at a very nominal fee. We also offer discounts on services and complimentary services for members.

  • Why do I need Helpathomes if these services are being provided by third party?

    Helpathomes brings value in our ability to lend a helping hand in terms of coordination and personal support. In addition, our processes and technology allow for predictable service delivery and transparent information availability for informed decision-making. Your Relationship Manager ensures continuous support to our members.

  • How can I avail the service?

    Services may be booked either through website or call.

  • What are the charges for services?

    The rate of services are determined by the service provider. We negotiate the best possible rates for our members with the service providers. In addition Helpathomes charges a certain facilitation fee for services.

  • How do we pay for the services?

    You have an option to make the payment directly to the service provider or through us. Some of our service providers accept direct payment only. While booking a service you can enquire about the mode of payment for services. Helpathomes will accept advances from the client to be used for settlement of bills to service providers. You can recharge your card and Helpathomes will settle the payment with Service Provider on your behalf once the service has been delivered as per expectation.

  • My parents have insurance / Central Government Health Services. Will Helpathomes do the administrative work to claim reimbursements under these?

    All these services and many more are covered under our Liaising service. We help facilitate the Liaising with government and private bodies through our partners. You may contact us for further details.

  • Why should I become a member?

    Becoming member lets you access our complete range of services at lower prices.
    Membership Advantages
    Access to all services
    Lower facilitation fee
    Personal Relationship Manager
    Customized Plans if needed

  • May I register more than one person under my membership scheme?

    You can register your immediate family members for all the plans.

  • How does Helpathomes treat my confidential health information?

    With strict confidence and using currently available best security measures. We will not expose any personal information (including medical files) to anyone without your instructions to do so. All information will be stored on the cloud in a secure environment with best-in-class data protection tools. Information will only be used for servicing requests and updates to the personal health record will only happen with your knowledge and approval.