The Hospital Concierge is responsible for your holistic care while you or your loved one undergo treatment or are in the hospital for a regular check-up. It is especially useful for people staying in a city without an extended family network or seniors and elderly without family members in the town. A Hospital Concierge is necessary for NRIs who need health care services for their parents in India. A Hospital Concierge helps you with:

  • Fixing the Appointment for the Hospital Visit
  • Getting admission in the hospital
  • Coordinating for diagnostic tests
  • Coordinating for medicine delivery at home
  • Providing assistance for renting the medical equipment or buying medical equipment at best possible rates
  • Coordinating the travel arrangements for to and fro journey to the hospital
  • Any other customized requirement related to hospital visit

Globally, patients and their families prefer home care over traditional health care because of the multiple benefits it provides.Home care offers substantial flexibility to...

Cost Effective
Quick Recovery
Personalized Care
Total Rehabilitation
Holistic Approach


Whether it be a routine health checkup or doctor visit Helpathomes provides complete care. We provide help at home by doctor consultation at home. Our qualified doctors will visit you, at home. These visits are very important for General checkup of the elderly, Post hospitalization care or any other ailment which can be treated better at home rather than at hospital. Hospital visits are fraught upon whereas we can help you create a hospital environment at home which in addition to the all necessary medical care has benefit of loving home environment. In addition for elderly care we provide attendants who can take care of all the work regarding the tests and medicine while the elderly receive the support needed for a hospital visit.

Why Choose Us?

Reliable Care from remote locations
Verified Attendants for Care
Attendants Expert in Senior Care